Madhyama rajju horoscope

You may be astonished to know that even the Muhurtha elected for marriage has a say in marriage life! Although there are different systems or traditions of match making in india like north indian guna milan , south indian kerala and tamil nadu systems , K. P system etc in indian astrology, the most predominent forms of matching are north indian and south indian system which is followed commonly across all of india. North indian system uses Ashtakoota method of matching with a total of 36 points and also gives importance to nadi nosha and kuja dosha for judging compatibility.

Importance of Rajju Porutham

In south indian system of jathaka porutham importance is given to 10 poruthams and much importance is given to nakshatra porutham with more emphasis on rashi poruttam stree deerkham and madhyama rajju , dosha saamyam and dasha sandhi. In tamil nadu system not much importance is given to dasha sandhi as it is given in kerala.

FAQ's on Horoscope Matching

Our matching report uses the kerala system of matching widely followed in kerala and most of south india with slight variations and uses the same parameters and yardsticks such as nakshatra matching star matching , papa saamyam, kuja dosha, dasha sandhi etc used to judge horoscope compatibility that a normal astrologer would do. We use a scientific model of compatibility using the best available technology combined with modern matching techniques drawn from various ancient astrology classics such as jatakadesham, prasna marga, kaladeepakam, madhaveeyam etc which makes our report the most comprehensive online horoscope matching service.

Our astrology computations are scientific and accurate and uses state of the art NASA's JPL high precision planetary algorithms to compute the birth horoscopes. Not all doshas can be remedied by pariharas and it depends on the nature of the dosha and this can be confirmed only by an individual assessment of the birth charts by an astrologer.

Sirro rajju dhosam - any remedies

Marriage Matching has it's own significance on the married life of individuals. Male and female are but two aspects or two sides of nature. Hence it is natural for them to be united; otherwise there would be imcompleteness or it would be "paradise lost".

In india, marriage has been considered as a relationship, which should last till eternity, for which astrological compatibility is a guiding factor of great importance. In sudden marriages, the partners marry without knowing the other partner sufficiently, thereby leading to misunderstandings, seperation and divorce. Please download to get full document. Share Astrology Details.

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We are always happy to assist you. Thefirst column of the chart contains the name of the star of the Boy whichmay be any of the 27 stars.

Rajju porutham compatibility

The views expressed by the majority of the astrologers are followed inthe chart. Further the 3, 5, 7 stars of the boys from the janma,anujanma, and trijanma nakshatras of the girls are also classified asBad B in the Chart even through certain quarters padams of thestars are to be completely avoided.

If the star of the Boy is 27th fromthe Girl and if this stars belong to different Moon Signs there is no DinaPoruthams, if these stars belong to the same Moon signs there is DinaPoruthams.

Rajju's impact in matchmaking-Astrology

While Considering your YONI Poruthams the enemity between theanimals represented by the stars of the couples has been taken intoaccount before rating the agreement as good, average and bad. If Mithuna isthe janmarasi of the Girl the Rasi Porutham under column 9 betweenthese Girls and Boys born with their janma rasis moonsigns asVrischika is rated as Average in the Charts.

The adverse effects of Asura Gana willdiminish if the asterism of the Girl Bride at birth be beyond the 14thfrom the asterism of the groom.

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Astrology predicts that a married life will be long, happy and prosperous only if the horoscope matching of the partners are in agreement. To avoid discord and to ensure a happy married life many factors are to be considered such as longevity, physical fitness, mutual attraction, sexual compatibility, heredity, social and economic status are some of the things that are to be examined and assessed.

Proper horoscope matching ensures this purpose.

Kerala known as the cradle of Indian astrology is known for it's unique system of predictions from time immemorial. Each region in India places more emphasis on certain points while comparing horoscopes for marriage. While the star matching is concerned only with the physical and psychological compatibility of the couples ,the other two are concerned with the health ,longevity and the survival of the very union, which is more relevant and important in our cultural background unlike the modern system of 'living together' or 'long term relationship'.

With non availability of adept astrologers nearby to consult, in recent times, matching of horoscopes have become a major problem for Keralite families. Added to this fact is some unethical demands by a few professional astrologers. To add to the woes, counsel from inexperienced, immature, and phony astrologers have played havoc landing couples in the scalding sea of matrimony.